Best carry on luggage in 2018 – what I chose and why

I’ve spent many hours this year researching and looking at luggage. Having lost my trusty soft cover Samsonite to zipper cutting on our last trip I was determined to find the perfect bag that will see me through for years to come. Easy right ? Wrong ! It seems the perfect bag does not exist.

Special occasion celebrations in Bali

Not a week goes by when someone doesn’t ask me for a bar or restaurant recommendation for a special occasion in Bali. Home to possibly the best bars and restaurants in the world it can be overwhelming to choose where to go especially if you have a special birthday, anniversary or something else to celebrate.

3 days in Athens

If you are heading to Greece chances are you are going to spend a night or three in Athens. Its a big, crazy melting pot of a metropolis that can polarise many people, but most people grow to love it as we have. If you have three days to invest in this city you wont

Important things to know when visiting Cuba

Travelling to Cuba can be one of the most overwhelming places to plan and book. A communist country with a colourful past it continues to hit the headlines with ongoing political issues and global impacts such as Trump’s seeming determination to roll back progress. Now that I’ve been its clear that there are a handful

How to make the most of 2 weeks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka had been on our bucket list for sometime. Something about the general vibe of India, without the crowds, yet on a tropical island, really appealed to me. Not to mention reasonable proximity to Australia. We had in fact almost booked a summer holiday with some friends there a few years ago and it

Should I buy a hard cover or a soft cover suitcase ?

After 10 years of multiple long haul trips to all sorts of weird and wonderful places my trusty suitcase has gone to the big suitcase cemetery ( probably in the sky – that would be apt), and its time to find a replacement. It was a near perfect medium size soft cover red Samsonite and it survived

Ceylon Tea Trails Luxury Estate : A review

Every now and then, if you’ve been a very good girl and worked hard and planned well you get to stay at a place that is so unbelievably incredible you can’t quite believe it. This stunning group of ‘bungalows’ (mansions) in Sri Lanka’s tea country is one of those places. Let me share with you my
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